At Al Nahda, we are very proud of every success story and every empowered woman in the Arab World. Get to know with us some of the women who made us highly proud in 2017, through their hard work and success.

Kindly note that this list is in no particular order. We are proud of all women on this list equally.

1- Reem Alattas, Creative Inventor

Reem Alattas is known for having invented a smart cycling helmet that detects other present vehicles (among other features). In 2017, she received the first place in the Shark Tank award for her invention, which helped her get funding for her project.

2- Doctor Fadila Alawami

Dr. Alawami is the first Saudi woman to study addiction treatment, which is a very rare yet needed medical specialty in the country and the region. Through her hard work and determination, she acquired an education from UCLA.

3- Doctor Lubna Alansari

Dr. Alansari was recently assigned in late 2017 as one of the director’s assistants in the executive team in the World Health Organization.

4- Nojoud AlMoghir, Business Entrepreneur

Nojoud AlMoghir established a unique factory that is sound-proof, heat-isolating, and humidity-proof.

5- Hind Al Zahid

Al Zahid is the first Saudi woman to join the Board of Airport Directors in Dammam. She got hired for the position in 2017 for her hard work.