Al-Nahda’s Center for Research
The center’s aim is to provide support for Al-Nahda to achieve its goals and have its message reach more people, through shedding the light on challenges that women face in their social, economical and political participation. The center also provides decision makers with tools that support coming up with effective policies.
Municipal Council Elections Campaign
This campaign’s aim was to spread awareness about the importance of community participation in municipal council elections, which allowed women for the first time to participate as both a candidate and a voter. #صوتك_يفرق
Launching of Fursa Program
This program is for academic placement and to support female and male students through providing them with scholarships, as well as supporting them through registration and while studying. The program also covers any fees which aren’t covered by scholarships, like transportation and registration fees.
Adopting CellA+ Program
This program is a non-profit initiative for working women, which aims to encourage women to enable and support each other through merging and mixing the services, activities, and programs for working women.
Launch of Mustaqbali Program
The program is for training and guiding female students to develop their skills and discover themselves in order to figure out their life goals and future academic ambitions. This program helps them decide what to study and major in depending on their interests and skills, and what the market needs.
Awareness Campaigns
Launching of awareness and educational campaigns which aim to improve mothers’ relationships with their kids while raising them, through teaching the women positive behavior and how to apply it in their private lives at home. There were also some campaigns to improve physical, psychological and mental health awareness, and social awareness to end domestic violence.
Launch of Program for Vocational Qualification and Employment.
Al-Nahda established a workshop to accommodate for and employ many women who sew uniforms for schools and hospitals. Al-Nahda was able to provide jobs to Saudi women in a gold factory called The Little Princess, in collaboration with Al Othaim Company.
Art of Heritage Center
This was a center for heritage preservation and reproduction of traditional handmade textiles and pottery. The center was spun off in 2010 into a company of which Alnahda owns the majority share.
Special Teaching Center for People With Down Syndrome
Al-Nahda’s Down Syndrome Schools, which in 2010 was spun off as the Saut Society, are considered the top specialized schools in the Middle East to teach and train individuals with Down Syndrome, from birth until the age of 21.
Al-Nahda’s Vocational Training
This working space was established to train girls with special needs and give them a chance to support themselves through both manual and mechanical embroidery and pottery.
Establishment of the first library for women in Riyadh
Al Nahda worked on an archival system, a membership and a system to borrow books from this library.
The Orphanage
Opening of a department that takes care of orphans and children born to mothers in prisons, and mothers with special conditions.
Launching of the Financial and Social Support Program
HRH Princess Sarah Al-Faisal started regular and structured visits to the homes of women in living in poverty in the city of Riyadh in order to better understand their needs.
Al-Jazeera Girl’s Club
Offered classes to eliminate illiteracy, Arabic classes to those who don’t know the language, sewing classes, typing classes, awareness and guidance lectures, Braille trainings for teachers who teach blind students.