We work towards reinforcing women participation
in the development of the Saudi society
Our dream is for women to become effective partners in developing their country
Various activities, campaigns, and projects which aim to spread awareness about women rights to encourage more societal participation.
Al Nahda’s aims to provide and ensure a decent life for its beneficiaries and their families, taking them out of poverty and turning them into socially successful women.
Various capacity building projects developed and designed specifically to fit the needs of the individuals and to make them capable of taking decisions on their own and taking a lead on their lives and communities.
This center is the most recent initiative by Al Nahda and was launched in 2018. It aims to shed the light on the challenges women face and Al Nahda’s work to combat them.
Riyals of
since 2008 to 2017
since 2008
Projects in Riyadh
since 2008
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09 Mar 2018 - فريق العلاقات العامة

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